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can it happen hairs to fall after 3 months of transplant

 / can it happen hairs to fall after 3 months of transplant
QuestionsCategory: Questionscan it happen hairs to fall after 3 months of transplant
David asked 1 year ago

Now I’m feeling that I have lost hairs from frontal area due to rubbing of swab. So the question is, can it happen hairs to fall after 3 months of transplant which are quite weak and thin because , I’m feeling uneven emerging of hairs from frontal area and back area.

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 1 year ago

    During the initial transplanted hair phase there might be dryness which can cause lots of tiching . The dryiness occurs due to dried crust of the surrounding skin taken out with the graft
   Afer 10 days of hair transplant the roots get anchored in the scalp so even with the rubbing the transplanted roots remains unaffected even with the rubbing
    As you said that you are seeing uneven new hair growth , this is quite normal . this is the shedding phase so much growth is not expected during this period
    The transplanted hair is thin and weak initially upon full maturation they will become like normal hair. The transplanted hair won’t fall as they are taken from the safe donor region. Even if you rub or scratch or itch they won’t fall .