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Welcome to Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center. Hair transplantation provides natural and ndetectable results. Just like your old hair, you can dye, perm, and cut your transplanted hair with no worries. NHT Medical Center uses its unique and advanced techniques to provide the most effective treatment for baldness. This website is provided to help educate you about the hair transplant procedure, and how it may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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Female Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant for Female

Female Hair Transplant

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Hair loss in woman is a big cause of tension and anxiety for them. Females who use to lose hair normally at the age of 50 or above have now started losing their hair at an early age of 25. With thinning of hair women often faces problem of loosing of self confidence with hair loss. Hair in women symbolizes beauty loosing of which makes them concern and de-motivated. Women who suffers from female baldness often visits hair transplantation clinic for best hair treatment.

Many types of woman hair restoration techniques are available at the clinic. A female can consult a doctor for best alternative that could suit to her.

Grades of female pattern baldness

Basically there are three grades of female pattern baldness:

Female Baldness Grade

The problem of female baldness:

It is very necessary to analyze the reason for the problem before actually providing the solution, thus doctors at the clinic thoroughly analyze the reason of female baldness. During consultation by specialist doctor each case is individually assessed and evaluated. After analyzing the reasons proper woman hair restoration techniques are suggested. The hair loss in women can be because of following reasons:

  • Baldness due to ill health or other medical issues like thyroid disease.
  • Hair loss can also be because of hormonal changes and disorders.
  • Some women also loose hair at the time of pregnancy or after pregnancy.
  • It can be due to Iron deficiency.
  • Sometimes it is also because of genetic issues, parental problems &inheritance.
  • Excess stress can be the most common reason of hair loss in female.
  • Wrong medication or side effects of treatment of certain diseases can also lead to hair problems.

Hair transplant for female:

Dezire Clinic offers the Best Hair Loss Treatment, Hair thinning & baldness Treatment for Female; FUE Hair transplant for Women is done by the most experienced Surgeons & with the help of latest FUE equipments. Visit us for hair loss and Hair thinning consultation in Female at Dezire Clinic Delhi.Female hair implant is a type of procedure in which hair root is extracted with round punches (automated FUE ) from back side of scalp area , known as donor area and these roots are transplanted to bald areas or scalp containing less hair. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and it’s a day care procedure. It require no admission or stay and you can resume your work at the earliest, mostly after 1 o 2 days .The implanted hair will start growing immediately and it will take around 6 to 9 months for full grown hair

Woman hair restoration at Dezire:

Female pattern baldness though not very common as compared to males and can be treated by specialized doctors. Dezire provides best female hair transplant in Delhi as well as in other parts of India. Dezire has a team of specialized and skilled doctors who carry out the procedures with advanced technologies and absolute care. In females unshave FUE technique is done so that its hidden from other people.. The Dezire female hair transplantation is best woman hair transplant in Delhi. The clinic provides complete hair care and hair loss treatment in a friendly and healthy environment.

Cost of female hair transplant

The price of a female hair transplant depends largely on the amount of hairs that are to be transplanted. The number of grafts, hair transplantation techniques and several other factors may also affect the cost of women hair transplant. To know the estimated cost of your procedure, kindly call +91 9222122122 or fill the enquiry form.

Advantages of woman hair transplant at Dezire:

  • Consistent and proven natural results.
  • Latest and most advance technique known as FUE is performed by specialized doctor of Dezire.
  • The hair transplantation is painless and harmless procedure.
  • It guarantees long life, permanent results.
  • No scars will be visible as the healing process is very fast.
  • All hair transplantation procedure at Dezire is carried out with the motive of achieving what patient actually needs.
  • At Dezire PRP is added along with fue hair transplant to strengthen and improving the existing hair for better overall results and long lasting .