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Different stages of hair loss! When to see a hair specialist?

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Different stages of hair loss When to see a hair specialist

Different stages of hair loss! When to see a hair specialist?

Every being experiences hair fall at any age, in his/her life. Losing hair and re-growing is a part of regularly cycle and about 10% of your hair is in shedding or growing phase all the time. Losing hair is normal but when you start noticing thinning or bald patches, then it’s the time to visit some hair expert like Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S., MC.H.). Before that you need to do some home-work on this like- searching more and more about the condition-symptoms-prevention-cure. This will help you to go through a successful consultation with your doctor.


There are different stages of hair loss, one need to understand to get familiar with the growth cycle:

Hair growth cycle

There are three phases of hair growth pattern for almost everyone:

  • Anagen: this is the first stage of hair growth, in this under the scalp the hair follicle begins to enlarge and grow deeper itself into the scalp. Hair bulb forms at the bottom and the dermal papillae (connective tissues) get attached to the hair follicle providing nourishment, to let hair grow like a vein. The hair shaft starts to grow upward and out from the scalp, and if any old hair is present the new shaft pushes it up and out. It begins to grow more upward through the follicle, and appears a normal hair strand.


  • Catagen: this is the second phase in hair growth after Anagen phase, it’s the resting phase where hair doesn’t grow anymore while staying connected to the follicle. The follicle now loosely grasps the hair shaft, and the strand of hair can be easily shed through normal activity.


  • Telogen: the third phase in hair growth cycle after Catagen, the club hairs (A club hair is a hair that has matured and no longer has access to the blood supply because there is no longer a need to grow) reaches the end of the epidermis and the hair strands fall out while combing/brushing and washing. This is an inevitable phase for each strand of hair, it gives space to Anagen phase to begin again.


When to see a hair specialist?

All the three stages never stop as its the hair growth cycle, losing hair in the last stage is quite very normal, but there are people who suffer severe hair loss and thinning. There are seven stages of hair loss and if you went through these then Yes, it’s the time to see a hair expert.

Stages of hair loss:

  • The normal hair loss, in this you shed from 50 to 100 hairs everyday
  • Normal hair loss accompanied by minimal thinning at the frontal hairline. Usually the best time to see a specialist.
  • Experiencing hair thinning at the frontal hairline, temples and the crown of head.
  • The fourth stage, in this side and back of the head will have plenty of hair while balding patches will be seen at the crown and frontal hair line which becomes noticeable.
  • The severe hair loss stage, where you start having very thin frontal hairline and crown area and continue to become narrower. Although, hair will still be present on the sides of the head.
  • Now, the top of your head will become completely bald, and the hair on the side and back of the head, will begin to thin.
  • The most severe stage, in this you will go completely bald, while back and sides of the head will only bear hair for you.


*keep in mind even after the last stage of hair loss. You can restore your lost hair.


The advanced technology has made this possible and Dezire clinic, is there to help you, with FUE method of hair transplant under the expert hands of Dr. Prashant Yadav. You can book your consultation with them any time for more information visit their website: www.dezireclinic.in


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