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Welcome to Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center. Hair transplantation provides natural and ndetectable results. Just like your old hair, you can dye, perm, and cut your transplanted hair with no worries. NHT Medical Center uses its unique and advanced techniques to provide the most effective treatment for baldness. This website is provided to help educate you about the hair transplant procedure, and how it may be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant Delhi

Body Hair Transplantation

FUE Body Hair Transplant in Delhi - Transplant Hair from Body to HeadThere are about one hundred thousand hairs on the normal human head but due to several reasons like genetic disorder, unhealthy diet, improper environmental conditions, diseases etc hair loss problem occurs. This hair problem can be eliminated by various available hair transplantation techniques.

The body hair transplant is a boon for patient who has insufficient scalp donor area or whose want full coverage of the scalp in less number of sessions. The body hair can be used as filler for covering the scalp in person with grade 5 to 7 of male pattern baldness. For best body hair transplant in Delhi the Dezire clinic offers with specialized tool and technique to get large amount of body hair.

What is BHT?

Dezire Clinic is the Best Clinic in Delhi for Your Hair Transplant from Body to Head, Body Hair Transplant at Cheap & Low Cost. Best Doctors, Latest Technology, Successful Hair Transplantation. Visit Dezire Clinic for Free Consultation & Great Deals.In few cases when the patients do not have sufficient hairs or low density at the head scalp as a donor area to serve the purpose of hair transplantation the hair doctors uses hair from other parts of body such type of hair transplantation is known as Body hair transplant.
The technique used is FUE procedure which involves harvesting hair roots from body areas like chest ,beard.leg etc and transplanting it to balding area of head. It require special skills, tools and punches to extract the body hair . the body hair is more time consuming and difficult to extract , only those surgeon who are experienced in this technique can offer this procedure

BHT is the selected hair treatment alternatives in cases where people are high grade of baldness and do not have enough donor hairs at the back and side of the head.

What is the difference between a BHT-FUE and a conventional FUE?

  • With refinement in technique, tools and skills, now the body hair transplant is commonly done in selected patients. In a conventional FUE hair transplantation, hairs are extracted from the hair bearing scalp one after the other to fill the bald area on the head scalp.
  • The body hair is mostly single follicular unit, rarely multiple hair unit. The beard hair are thick, grow fast , robust and the best available body hair among all the part . The beard hair are particularly taken from lower chin part
  • The BHT uses FUE hair transplantation method to extend the donor areas from just scalp to other body parts. BHT FUE is used in cases where the donor area over the head is not suitable for the extraction of donor material or is not dense enough to allow extraction.
  • The hairs extracted in FUE are simply transplanted one after the other to bald area with specialized instruments. If taken properly these hair grows very well and help in achieving more coverage and density in patient who has less available donor area

Which body part hair are used in BHT?

Most commonly donor site choosen is chest and beard.
We can use the hair from shoulders, abdomen, stomach area, legs, back, arms, underarm or pubic area.

What are the advantages of BHT?

  • It is one of option available for individuals who lost their hope from traditional hair transplant methods.
  • It is valuable in cases where scalp donor is completely exhausted.
  • It provides large amount of hair for body hair implant.
  • It can be chosen as a better option for eyebrow reconstruction.
  • These body hair are resistant to DHT
  • For covering the strip scar or even eyebrow reconstruction
  • Grade 5 to 7 male pattern baldness patient wanting full coverage

Immediate Post OP

Body hair transplant delhi

After One Month

Body hair implant delhi

Drawbacks of BHT

  • Time consuming.
  • Costly
  • Sometimes hypopigmenation patches.
  • Multiple session required.

Why To Choose Dezire For BHT?

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  • Body hairs are quite different from scalp hair and it requires experienced surgeon for transplantation that are present at Dezire.
  • Dezire had experience team who are doing BHT on regular basis with excellent graft quality
  • Dezire has special punches , equipments , experienced doctor to get maximum number of graft from body hair in one single session.

Cost Of Body Hair Transplant

The cost of body hair transplant is higher as compared to normal scalp fue . You can visit us for consultation to know the estimated cost or can call us/mail us /fill the enquiry form for booking the appointment with the consultant doctor